Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tony Moly Dr.Tony AC Control Pink Dip Spot Serum Review.

Ok, so this will be another review for the Tony Moly Dr.Tony AC Control Pink Dip Spot Serum. Yea.. long name right? I actually purchased this not from eBay but from the City straight from the counters.
 Yea Tony Moly opened in Sydney Market City :D Since it was opening sale i got this for AUD$11.40
I figured this was cheaper than Etude House's AC Clinic Pink Spot Powder which was AUD$14online on ebay, so i bought this, plus i didnt have the patience to wait until i have an haul.

So this is how the packaging looks like. Their AC line packaging is blue and white, Etude House's is green, and Lioele is pink :D 
I actually want to try Lioeles AC Line but unfortunately its kinda pricey online \:

Because this product you cannot shake to mix the two substances together i like how they enclosed it in a little box with a hole for it :D so tht way its more secure. One thing i also noticed is that this product didnt have a safety seal on the opening of the bottle :( I would prefer they have it so i know its new and hasnt been opened or used before.

So this is how the bottle looks. Its a glass bottle which looks pretty sleek and cool, but i would have expected TonyMoly to have cuter packaging >> I find tht most AC lines dont have cute packaging :(

Its two parts. The bottom is a pink powder, whilee the top must be some special liquid, It smells very medical? 

To use the product you have to dip a cotton swab into the pink powder and dab it on your pimple. When you dab it on the pimple it gives a tingly sensation but makes me feel as though this product is working, so even its an gimmick i like it :D

Ingredients List and Directions.

Overall i really like this product. I find it works better than my Thursdays Plantation Trea tree oil. 
I applied this on my pimples, and they actually do dry up the next day, if not the next. :) 
I like everything about this product, but i wont repurchase since i want to try out other pimple products :D
Even though it only has 18ml and is a small product this will last very long 

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